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iNANO Talent

Energy conversion and green technology

In week 4 seven 1st year nanoscience students completed the second module of iNANO’s talent track. With the overall topic “Energy conversion and green technology”, the talented students spent a week in the laboratory building their own thermoelectric junction and solar cell as well as characterizing commercial solar cells, fuel cells, and thermoelectric modules. The final experimental task for the students was to be innovative and build a small car based on a combination of these energy technologies. With a mass of 744 g the winning car covered the final race distance of 5.0 m in 4.6 s. Friday afternoon the students attended scientific talks at the Aarhus Winter Meeting, including one by the discoverer of carbon nanotubes, Prof. Sumio Iijima.

We congratulate Jakob P. Nikolajsen, Andreas B. Laursen, Thomas H. Hansen, Mads Folkjær, Josephine Madsen, Thorbjørn E. K. Christensen, and Mads G. Axelsen on their strong work ethic and on completing the module.


For more information contact:

Nina Lock and Martin Bremholm