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Jellyfish as new natural resource

An Israeli startup company Cine'al plans to extract substances from Jellyfish, for use in e.g. the pharmaceutical industry.

And according to Jørgen Kjems, Professor and Center leader for iNANO, the idea is quite realistic: A Jellyfish consists of 90% water, the remaining 10% are quite useful substances, Jørgen Kjems says to P1 morning, pointing especially to the substance collagen from Jellyfish.

According to the Israeli startup company Jellyfish could also, because of its excellent absorption capacity, be used to produce diapers, napkins and paper.

Since the substances are biological and already used to build up the body, they are very favorable materials to make cosmetics etc., explains Jørgen Kjems.

While it may be an expensive process, to extract substances from Jellyfish, Jørgen Kjems has no doubt that it may ultimately prove to be a beneficial business.

There is in general a strong focus on extracting marine products, explains Jørgen Kjems. That can be anything from making nano-products of fish scales and extracting the substance Tetin from crabs and crayfish, which can be used in drug production. We also experiment with extracting glue of seashells, which as known latch onto stones. This could be glue used to put skin together, he explains. There are endless resources out in the water, Jørgen Kjems concludes. And it's all matters we throw away today.

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Link to DR1 TV news 23.07.2014: Jellyfish as new natural resource