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Opening of new large-scale NMR equipment

The Danish Center for Ultrahigh-Field NMR Spectroscopy was inaugurated on June 3.

Thomas Vosegaard by the NMR spectrometer

This was celebrated by a scientific mini-symposium with several leading scientists giving lectures on NMR research within diverse areas as protein folding (Lewis Kay, Toronto), materials science (Steven Brown, Warwick), and metabolomics (Claudio Luchinat, Firenze). Dean Niels Chr. Nielsen expressed the importance of having such large research infrastructures at Aarhus University, and Rector Brian Bech Nielsen performed the official inauguration by acquiring an NMR spectrum of champagne on the new 950 MHz spectrometer, now named “Store Karl” to honour the previous Dean Karl Pedersen, who initiated the current NMR activities.

Champagne bottle and NMR spectrum og Champagne

Read the whole article  about "Store Karl" at Scitech.au.dk.

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iNANO and Department of Chemistry
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