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Torben R. Jensen in Nature Communications

Multifunctional complex hydrides Tomorrow's energy solutions

Hydrogen is an interesting element both for future energy storage but also due to the very diverse chemistry. Scientists at have discovered a new class of complex hydride perovskite materials with new properties within energy materials science.


An international team of researchers from University of Geneva, University of Aarhus and Slovak Academy of Sciences, have recently introduced rational materials design to complex hydrides, thanks to the discovery of a large family of perovskite-type borohydrides. The investigated functionalities include extreme hydrogen densities targeting solid state hydrogen storage, but also address further energy-related applications making use of particular structural dynamics related to the BH4- anion, which promote superionic conduction in solid state electrolytes. The highly efficient investigated lanthanide luminescence of these materials furthermore makes them attractive candidates for solid state phosphors which have potential in LED-based lighting. Synthesis, structure and properties of a series of thirty new complex hydride perovskite-type materials are presented in Nature Communication.


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For further information, please contact Associate Professor Torben R. Jensen (trj@chem.au.dk) at iNANO and Department of Chemistry, Aarhus University.