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Invitation to Brainnovation Day at AU

On Food Safety and Water

The Brainnovation day on Food Safety and Water is the first step to significantly increase dialogue and collaboration between industry and AU (i.e. iNANO and the Departments of Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering). This year we will address these two specific themes and, in particular, the many challenges associated with choice of technology, material integration (including, but not limited to surfaces, nanoparticles, membranes, filtration, etc.), analysis methods, exploitation of new knowledge, etc.

The primary focus of the meeting is on challenges and problem-solving of industrial problems. For that purpose an overview of the advanced analysis techniques available at iNANO will be given during the morning. Also, Grundfos and AVK Gummi A/S will address the innovation taking place at their sites. Finally, the key parameters required for having a successful collaboration between the industry and university will be highlighted.

After poster session, lunch, and a guided tour of iNANO, the afternoon will be dedicated fully to networking and brainstorming in focus groups on problems of relevance to the industry. Importantly, the problems or themes to be discussed are to be determined by the participants beforehand, and should be sent by mail to the organizing committee in due time before the meeting.