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Friday 18 March 2022,  at 10:15 - 11:00


iNANO AUD (1593-012)


Associate Professor Ken Howard

Drug Delivery of Biopharmaceuticals Into and Across Biobarriers

Professor Hanne Mørck Nielsen, Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen

Approaches to facilitate delivery of drugs into and across biological barriers will be presented with a focus on the interplay between formulation design, drug delivery system characteristics and administration site.

The talk will comprise a presentation of selected drug delivery systems; their design, formulation, characterization and delivery potential. Specifically, focus will be on our efforts to formulate drug delivery systems for oral peptide delivery in relation to work ongoing in the Biodelivery Center (NNF Grand Challenge interdisciplinary project) as well as on delivery of antimicrobials into biofilm. We develop and apply a variety of orthogonal methods and models to assess and understand crucial aspects of the delivery process, such as the mechanisms of action(s) of e.g. cell-penetrating/membrane-interacting peptides as permeation enhancers.

The drug delivery systems are characterized as nanoparticles and/or systems with nanoscale properties that are important for their function. Also, we address nanoscale observations in biological matrices such as biofilm, mucus and epithelium.

Host: Associate Professor Ken Howard



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