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Distinguished iNANO Lecture by Senior VP Patrick Baumhof, CureVac

mRNA therapeutics for treatment of liver fibrosis

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Friday 7 October 2022,  at 10:15 - 11:00


iNANO AUD (1593-012)


Associate Professor Ken Howard (kenh@inano.au.dk)

Senior VP Patrrick Baumhof, CureVac

mRNA therapeutics for treatment of liver fibrosis

The focus of the talk will be development of an mRNA therapy for the injured liver by a novel transcription factor based concept

As a first step a formulation was identified that delivers mRNA to liver hepatocytes into injured liver with the help of report protein coding mRNA. As a next step a transcription factor was identified that is connected with the liver disease and that was supplemented by mRNA based therapy. In three different disease models the functionality of the concept was shown to be efficacious, returning a diseased live to nearly normal stage. Nanoparticular mRNA therapeutics are a new class of medicine that is offering new therapeutic applications.


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