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iNANO on the podium at Biomod 2014

World wide competition for Bachelor students at Harvard University

A team of BSc students from Aarhus University won two third places in the biomolecular design (BIOMOD) competition at Harvard University.

The BIOMOD competition at Harvard University is for students from all over the world, who compete by using molecules as building blocks, coming up with creative applications, and communicating their projects as well as possible. The Aarhus University team developed a biosensor that acts as a kind of nanoscale detective. It can detect toxins from a blood sample and signal by using light. They did this so well that they were awarded third place for their website and another third place for their video in the BIOMOD competition.

See the video about Detector Gadget

Go to the team’s website

Read the whole article at SciTech

For mere information, please contact

Nanoscience student Maria Færch Jensen (member of the team)
+45 2878 6454

Ebbe Sloth Andersen (the team’s main supervisor)
iNANO and Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
+45 4117 8619