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iNANO researcher finalist for highly prestigious international PhD Prize

Congratulations to Dennis Ulsøe Nielsen from professor Troels Skrydstrup's group who has been chosen as finalist of the 2017 Reaxys Inspiring Chemistry PhD Prize

Dennis Ulsøe Jensen, iNANO

Dennis Ulsøe Jensen, presently a post doc in professor Troels Skrydstrup's group, has been named as one of the finalists for the highly prestigious international Reaxys PhD Prize 2017.

Since its launch in 2010, the Reaxys PhD Prize has aimed to recognize chemistry PhD students and recent graduates, fostering creativity in ground-breaking chemistry by identifying tomorrow’s chemistry leaders and empowering them to magnify the impact of their work.

Among nearly 550 applicants from around the globe, Dennis Ulsøe Nielsen was selected thanks to the remarkable originality, innovation, relevance and methodological rigor of his paper “Cooperative redox activation for carbon dioxide conversion”. He is invited to present his work at the Reaxys Prize Symposium on October 19-20 in Shanghai, where the 3 Prize winners will be selected.”

Link to Reaxys Inspiring Chemistry PhD Prize: http://inspiringchemistry.reaxys.com/phdprize