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iNANO researcher receives 2 million DKK for testing a daring idea

The VILLUM Foundation has granted a total of 100 million for daring technical and scientific research ideas. Associate Professor Victoria Birkedal gets a share of the millions for her project: Self-assembled polymer chips for efficient devices.

Associate Professor Victoria Birkedal receives VILLUM Experiment grant for the project "Self-assembled polymer chips for efficient devices". (Photo: Maria Randima, AU Communikation)

The funding programme VILLUM Experiment, financed by the Villum Foundation, is created for the special technical and scientific projects that challenge the norm and have the potential to fundamentally change the way we approach important topics.

The grant will be used for single molecule studies of new ways of self-assembling polymers layers with high spatial control.

“Conjugated polymers are very promising materials in the coming era of flexible electronics and displays. In the Villum Experiment, we will study functional properties of individual polymers within a self-assembled layer to achieve a microscopic understanding of polymer morphology and open up venues for additional control and improvement in material performance.” says Associate Professor, Victoria Birkedal.

Read the press release by Villum Foundation https://veluxfoundations.dk/da/content/53-dristige-ideer-faar-stoette-fra-villum-fonden 

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Associate Professor Victoria Birkedal

Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center and Department of Chemistry

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