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iNANO researcher receives award for excellent international collaboration from the Strategic Research Council.

Dorthe B. Ravnsbæk receives the Strategic Research Council’s award for excellent international research corporation. The award is given to Dorthe on the basis of her PhD work on materials for hydrogen storage in Torben R. Jensen’s research group.

The council’s motivation for the award states e.g.: “At an early stage of her research career, Dorthe B. Ravnsbæk, has achieved impressive research results and she has shown outstanding skills for initiating excellent international research collaboration”.

The award was presented to Dorthe 10 March at the Annual Meeting of Danish Strategic Research Council by the minister for higher education and science, Sofie Carsten Nielsen. With the award follows a DKK 75.000 grant for research activities, education and conferences participation.

Dorthe will per 1 April be back at iNANO, as Assistent Professor, after two years of Post Doctoral studies at MIT. At iNANO she will begin her individual research career on novel types of batteries.