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iNANO researchers contribute to exhibition at Steno Museum

The exhibition ‘Profession and Passion – a Life in Science’ is launched at the Steno Museum, Aarhus University. iNANO researchers have contributed to the exhibition on what impels researchers and how science and passion live alongside each other.

3D print of the Sodium Potassium Pump at the exhibition ‘Profession and Passion – a Life in Science’ at Steno Museum, Aarhus University. iNANO researchers, Ebbe Sloth Andersen, Mette Jepsen and Poul Nissen contribute to the exhibition. Photo: Ida Marie Jensen (AU Photo)

Steno Museum has opened the exhibition ‘Profession and Passion – a Life in Science’, which is created to shed light on how people have always been curious. The focus of the exhibition is: What is it that compels a researcher? Why would one use one’s life finding out how cells function and understanding a particular animal’s heart function? An exhibition where science and passion are in the spotlight.

The heart of the exhibition is the Nobel Prize winner Jens Chr. Skou’s office. Possiby, the only complete Nobel Prize winner’s office exhibited anywhere in the world. Together with five other researchers’ workplaces and their stories, Jens Chr. Skou’s office comprises the basis of the exhibition. 

Included in this list of researchers are researchers from iNANO researchers who have taken part in the exhibition and have provided their stories as researchers. In the exhibition Professor Poul Nissen is displayed in a video telling about his work on the sodium potassium pump together with and in relation to Professor Jens Chr. Skou. A 1 meter high 3D print of the sodium potassium pump is included in the exhibition.

Associate Professor Ebbe S. Andersen and his research group is represented under the theme "Competition and Cooperation," with their research on a nanoscale box made of DNA1. Andersen and Post doc Mette Jepsen's is also shown in a video interview on "competition and cooperation" as well as Jepsen's laboratory bench is exhibited.

The exhibition can be seen at Steno Museum, Aarhus University, and you can read more about the researcher stories in the book "Science is passion" (only in Danish).

The exhibition is supported by the Lundbeck Foundation and the Povl Assens Fund.

1 Self-assembly of a nanoscale DNA box with a controllable lid. 2009. Ebbe S. Andersen, Mingdong Dong, Morten M. Nielsen, Kasper Jahn, Ramesh Subramani, Wael Mamdouh, Monika M. Golas, Bjoern Sander, Holger Stark, Cristiano L. P. Oliveira, Jan Skov Pedersen, Victoria Birkedal, Flemming Besenbacher, Kurt V. Gothelf & Jørgen Kjems. Nature. 459, 73-76