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Jacques Chevallier receives Faculty TAP Award 2017

Congratulations to Jacques Chevallier, Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Centre (iNANO), who receives Faculty TAP Award 2017. Jacques Chevallier receives the award for his considerable efforts during forty years – both technically and academically.

ST TAP Award 2017 goes to iNANO researcher Jacques Chevallier

Jacques Chevallier graduated as a metallurgy engineer in France, but was appointed head of the thin film laboratory at the Department of Physics and Astronomy as early as 1974. From 1982, he was also appointed head of the chemistry laboratory at the same department and from 2010, head of the clean room at iNANO. In his daily activities, he heads a staff of four. His major contribution to research, particularly in the field of thin film, has led to the co-authorship of 126 articles.

During the last five years, Jacques Chevallier’s specific coordination efforts have resulted in building up the clean room at iNANO and getting it started, followed by installing the numerous new electron microscopes for which iNANO has secured funding. These efforts have been crucial for their successful start-up and operation. Driven by his strong professional and technical interest, Jacques Chevallier has been involved to the smallest detail, and his considerable experience and knowledge have been outstanding.

In his day-to-day contact with innumerable members of the academic (VIP) and technical/administrative (TAP) staff, Jacques Chevallier is held in high esteem, not only for his professional and technical efforts, but also for his endearing nature, which is always inclusive and empathic. He is unusually gentle and feels considerable responsibility for ensuring that everyone has a sense of being heard and well treated. Creating a good atmosphere for his immediate staff is a matter of prime importance to him. They all appreciate his focus on prioritising and distributing duties as well as possible.

About ST Awards

Faculty of Science and Technology (ST) has again this year awarded six prizes to staff at the faculty. The six ST Awards were presented in connection with the ST SUMMER HANGOUT on Friday 25 August 2017, which was an event for all employees at ST, Aarhus University.

Recognition is important. Recognition is the key to what motivates us to make great efforts. Recognition of specific achievements focuses attention on our values. Giving recognition is something we are not always good enough at doing in our busy lives. This is something where there is much room for improvement.

To celebrate members of staff who have made great efforts – generally and during the year that has passed since last year’s summer celebration – we present six prizes that give recognition. The six prizes are awarded in different areas, and each one consists of a diploma and the sum of DKK 10,000. The six prizes are:

Niels Chr. Nielsen