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Professor Kurt Gothelf publishes paper on DNA Computing in Nature Communications

The team of researchers designed a DNA ‘look up table’ that can take two input values encoded in DNA and find an answer by looking through a library of possible answers.

Picture of Kurt Gothelf
Kurt V. Gothelf

The work was done in collaboration with colleagues at Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics. Kurt Gothelf and colleagues have developed a DNA-based calculator that takes two inputs — represented by DNA strands — and returns the result of their multiplication, writing this as a number in a display. Upon further development this may eventually be used as a diagnostic device, which would use disease-specific nucleic acids as the inputs and retrieve an answer coded in DNA from a pool of possibilities.

Representation of DNA based Calculator

To read the whole article go to Nature Communications 

You can also read about Kurts Gothelf's research on DNA computing in Videnskab.dk as well as in Ingeniøren.

Other international media such as German Wissenschaft  and Norwegan Dagens Nærings liv (DN) has also picked up the research on the DNA- based calculator.

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Kurt V. Gothelf kvg@chem.au.dk