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Professor Dorthe Ravnsbæk receives the 2023 Elite Research Prize

Dorthe Bomholdt Ravnsbæk is one of this year's five Elite Research Prize recipients, who have been selected based on their ground-breaking, international top-class basic research and contribute to solving global challenges. These are researchers who master international collaboration and who connect insights from different disciplines and add new concepts and methods. They are modern leaders who create research environments of an international class.

Professor Dorthe Ravnsbæk receives the 2023 Elite Research Prize. Photo: Søren Kjeldgaard
Professor Dorthe Ravnsbæk receives the 2023 Elite Research Prize. Photo: Søren Kjeldgaard

The prize is awarded by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science to raise awareness of excellent scientists and their research. Dorthe receives it on the basis of her research in rechargeable batteries. She is among the world's most talented in this field and has, among other things, developed new methods to understand batteries from the micro down to the atomic scale. This is absolutely essential for the development of new types of batteries for electronics, electric cars and renewable energy storage. Dorthe has demonstrated connections between the atomic structure of batteries and their electrochemical effect. This insight can be used to slow down battery recharge time as well as avoid degradation by utilising the most electrochemically active and structurally most stable parts of a battery's cycle.

In addition, Dorthe's research into the atomic structure and order of batteries has opened the door for the use of new sustainable materials for battery production, which were otherwise seen as unsuitable. As an example, Dorthe has demonstrated that although some sustainable battery electrodes lose their structural order when the battery is discharged and charged, they can maintain their performance. This opens the door for developing new batteries that are better for the environment.

You can read the ministry's profile on Dorthe here (in Danish): https://ufm.dk/forskning-og-innovation/forskningsformidling/eliteforsk/prismodtagere/prismodtagere-2023/dorthe-b-ravnsbaek

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Professor Dorthe Bomholdt Ravnsbæk
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