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Semper Ardens Grant to Jørgen Kjems

The Carlsberg Foundation has just awarded ten Semper Ardens grants for a total sum of 117 million DKK.

Director & professor Jørgen Kjems

Aarhus University receives six grants of which four go to ST, one of these goes to Jørgen Kjems.

In the DNA-SHAPE project, the researchers will develop a new method which will make it possible to "translate" the total content in a specific food to digitized information in the form of DNA sequences. From advanced computer analysis of DNA sequences it will be possible to obtain a digital fingerprint of the food content, which potentially can be used as a marker for food quality, safety and authenticity.

Grant recipient: Professor Jørgen Kjems, iNANO
Project: Analysis of complex biological mixtures by a novel method: ”DNA-shapes”
Grant:6,1 million DKK
Project period: 3 years

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