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Specialized iNANO lecture by Chris Brasnett – University of Groningen

Simulating biomolecular condensation with MARTINI

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Tuesday 19 September 2023,  at 09:00 - 10:00


iNANO teaching room 1593-222


Associate Professor Frans Mulder (fmulder@chem.au.dk)

Dr. Chris Brasnett – University of Groningen, the Netherlands

Simulating biomolecular condensation with MARTINI

Biomolecular condensates have recently attracted a great deal of interest as dynamic organisers of the interior of cells. Through liquid-liquid phase separation of constituent biomolecules, membraneless organelles can be formed and dissolved through a variety of physicochemical factors.

Condensates are known to provide essential functions for cellular processes, for example, the compartmentalisation of molecules for biochemical reactions. I will discuss how coarse grained simulations using the Martini force field can be used to shed light on a number of properties of biomolecular condensates, such as critical behaviour and molecular partitioning.