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Specialized iNANO Lecture: Nanomachines in action: EM-based analysis of dynamic macromolecules

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Friday 2 December 2016,  at 09:15 - 10:00


iNANO Auditorium (1593-012), Gustav Wieds Vej 14, 8000 Aarhus C

Associate professor Arne Möller

Dr. Arne Möller, Möller Lab, Department of Structural Biology, Max Planck Institute of Biophysics, Frankfurt

Nanomachines in action: EM-based analysis of dynamic macromolecules

Three-dimensional structural characterization of macromolecular complexes embedded in vitreous buffer, electron cryo-microscopy, recently revolutionized the field of structural biology. With improved software, modern microscopes, automation and importantly electron counting cameras it is now possible to reach resolutions that are on par with those provided by X-ray crystallography. While these developments have also dramatically simplified the way scientists treat their data, it is a misconception that every purified complex, which can be imaged via electron microscopy, immediately leads to a high-resolution structure. In fact it is obvious that only ideal samples can ultimately provide such structures. Therefore, extensive biochemical optimization, just like in X-ray crystallography, has become a necessity in the field!

In my presentation I will provide examples on how lower-end EMs can be used to support sample optimization, in addition to conventional biochemical methods. This approach of streamlined imaging and analysis of different preparations can also be directly applied to sample optimization for crystallographic studies as highlighted by the recent structure on the Rhodopsin Arrestin signaling complex that was solved using femtosecond X-ray lasers.

Host: Associate professor & Facility Manager Thomas Boesen, iNANO & Dept. of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University