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Aarhus Single Molecule Fluorescence infrastructure - ASiMoF

  • Single molecule imaging of molecular conformations, dynamics and function in nano- and bio-systems

Aarhus single molecule fluorescence infrastructure (ASiMoF) is a research infrastructure at Aarhus University, which brings single molecule approaches to unravel the molecular dance of (bio)molecules. The single molecule fluorescence infrastructure gives researchers the opportunity to study molecular conformations, interactions, dynamics and localization in different environments, such as in solution, on surfaces and in cells. 

ASiMoF has a strong interdisciplinary core team of scientists from chemistry, molecular biology and nanoscience. Together with existing local fluorescence microscopy equipment and knowhow, the infrastructure provides vital molecular information on length scales ranging from only a few nanometers to several hundreds of millimeters and time scales ranging from sub-nanoseconds to hours.

The ASiMoF research infrastructure welcomes academic and industrial users. Read more here.

The ASiMoF infrastructure is established through funding from a Research Infrastructure Grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation.