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The ASiMoF infrastructure aims to facilitate new views of molecular structure, dynamics and function in nano- and bio-systems by providing single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy possibilities to Aarhus University. Biological processes result from complex movements and interactions between biomolecules, and knowledge about the molecular dance is therefore essential for understanding biology in health and disease. While our understanding of biomolecules has advanced in leaps, it remains mostly built on static pictures. But processes often depend on a number of molecular configurations or dynamics that are blurred or lost in the average picture. At ASiMoF, we can resolve dynamical processes on a broad time-scale from nanosecond relaxation dynamics to long time kinetics (hours) and study molecular conformations, interactions, dynamics, and localization. Studies range from imaging single molecules in solutions, on surfaces and to sub-cellular or cellular imaging.  

ASiMoF is located at the Interdiciplinary Nanoscience Center (iNANO) and at the Department of Chemistry.

The infrastructure is funded through a Research Infrastructure Grant by the Novo Nordisk Foundation with principel investigator Associate Prof. Victoria Birkedal and core team Prof. Peter Ogilby, Prof. Kurt Vestergaard Gothelf, Prof. Daniel Otzen and Prof. Poul Nissen.