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Awarded a Sapere Aude grant

20th June 2024

Thibault is awarded a Sapere Aude research leader grant from the Independent Research Fund Denmark! We will explore regulation mechanisms of the transcription factor FoxO3 using NMR, chemical and cell biology. FoxO3 is a critical human tumor supressor and longevity factor. Stay on the lookout for 1 postdoc and 1 PhD student position in the near future.

ENC conference in Asilomar

6th April 2024

Thibault talks about the combined power of chemical biology and NMR to study enzyme regulation at the 65th ENC is Asilomar, California.

Danish NMR meeting in Roskilde

30th January 2024

Honoured to have been invited to give a keynote adress and present our novel NMR methods to the Danish NMR community, from disordered proteins to large molecular assemblies.

Officially welcomed into DANNMR

30th November 2023

Thankful to be officially welcomed into the Danish NMR network. My 'impact' interview is online on the DANNMR website (https://dannmr.dk/).

Linderstrøm-Lang Centre Symposium in Copenhagen

17th November 2023

It was a real pleasure interacting with the broader Protein Science community and discussing segmental labeling and enzyme tails.

Thibault presents at ISBUC and REPIN in Copenhagen

27th October 2023

Such a great opportunity to present my NFAT  work and to discuss transcription, phosphorylation and disordered domains both at the Integrative Structural Biology cluster (ISBUC) annual meeting and the 'Rethinking Protein Interactions' (REPIN) meeting.