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2019.05.13 | Press release

PRESS COVERAGE: New efficient way to engineer nanostructures mimicking natural immune response complexes

A recently published article in Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed. is the result of a close collaboration between Novo Nordisk A/S and the Gothelf Lab at Aarhus University.

2019.05.10 | Publication

PAPER: Peptide‐Directed DNA‐Templated Protein Labelling for The Assembly of a Pseudo‐IgM

The results of a collaboration between researchers from the Gothelf Lab and research chemists from Novo Nordisk A/S has been published in Angewandte Chemie. In the article, the authors demonstrate how protein binding peptides direct a DNA-templated reaction to form conjugates with a single DNA label. Pentameric star-like DNA-Rituximab…

2019.05.06 | Publication

PAPER: Considerations on Probe Design for Affinity Guided Protein Conjugation

Researchers from the Gothelf lab has recently published a mini review in ChemBioChem on how to design probes for affinity guided protein conjugation. This labelling method is based on non-covalent binding interaction between the protein of interest and the probe. The mini review presents the latest progress in the field of affinity…

2019.03.18 | Publication

PAPER: Intracellular bacteria engage a STRING-TBK1-MVB12b pathway to enable paracrine cGAS-STRING signaling

Researchers from the Gothelf lab has recently co-authored an article published in Nature Microbiology. The article reports how the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes' DNA stimulates the cGAS-STRING signaling, which impairs an antibacterial defence. Read the full article "Intracellular bacteria engage a STRING-TBK1-MVB12b pathway to…

2019.02.15 | Publication

PAPER: Imidazole Carbamate Probes for Affinity Guided Azide-Transfer to Metal-Binding Proteins

Researchers from the Gothelf lab has recently published an article on a new method for affinity guided labelling of metal-binding proteins. To read the article "Imidazole Carbamate Probes for Affinity Guided Azide-Transfer to Metal-Binding Proteins", please visit the Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry journal's website.

2019.02.12 | Publication

PAPER: Chemistries for DNA Nanotechnology

Postdoc Mikael Madsen and Professor Kurt Gothelf has very recently published a comprehensive review on chemistries for DNA nanotechnology. The review includes topics such as Synthesis of Modified Oligonucleotides, Nucleic Acid analogues, and Reactions on DNA Nanostructures. Visit the Chemical Review's website to read the full review…

2019.02.06 | Publication

PAPER: Nucleic Acids as a Nature‐Inspired Scaffold for Macromolecular Prodrugs of Nucleoside Analogues

Assistant Professor Alexander Zelikin has recently published an article about molecular prodrugs in the journal Advanced Science. Researchers from the Gothelf Lab has contributed to this study, where nucleic acids are used as a scaffold for assembly of macromolecular prodrugs. Please visit the journal website to read the full article…

2019.01.30 | Publication

PAPER: Quantitative Detection of Digoxin in Plasma Using Small‐Molecule Immunoassay in a Recyclable Gravity‐Driven Microfluidic Chip

Researchers from the Gothelf lab have recently published an article in Advanced Science. The article describes the development a microfluidic chip system that affords precise quantification of the small molecule digoxin. The presented assay is relevant for a potential development of a point-of-care diagnostic device. Read the full article…

2019.01.04 | Publication

PAPER: Selective delivery of doxorubicin to EGFR+ cancer cells by Cetuximab-DNA conjugates

Delivery of the anticancer drug Cetuximab to EGFR+ cancer cells has recently been reported in ChemBioChem.

2018.12.03 | Publication

PAPER: Dimethyl fumarate is an allosteric covalent inhibitor of the p90 ribosomal S6 kinases

Dimethyl fumarate is used in the treatment of psoriasis and multiple sclerosis although it's mechanism of action is still unknown. Now, the crystal structure of dimethyl fumarate has been published in Nature Communications.

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