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Hybrid Materials Lab (Nina Lock)



Prizes at the 15th iNANO Annual Meeting

Two members of the Hybrid Materials Lab received a prize at the iNANO Annual Meeting. Dr. Claire Deville was awarded a postdoc prize, while Ph.D. student Paolo Lamagni received a poster prize.



Master defence

Dorrit B. Nielsen defended her master thesis. Congratulations!


New PhD student in the group

Mathias Salomon Hvid commenced his PhD studies.


Poster Prize to Paolo Lamagni

Paolo Lamagni was awarded a poster prize at the 2nd Annual Organic Chemistry Seminar for the poster entitled "Electrodes Based on Cu-MOFs and Graphene Films for Electrocatalytic CO2 reduction".



Master defence

Mathias Salomon Hvid defended his master thesis. Congratulations!


DHL relay

The Hybrid Materials Lab was represented at the 5x5 km relay in Mindeparken


Qualification exam

Yitao Dai passed his qualification exam. Congratulations!


Bachelor thesis submission

Henrik S. Jeppesen and Didrik Grønseth submit their bachelor thesis. Congratulations!

Research focus


  • Our research focuses on the interface between inorganic and organic chemistry.
  • We develop new materials for catalysis and gas capture.
  • The materials consist of organic as well as inorganic structural motifs.
  • We study the relationship between structure, properties and catalytic performance

Picture of research focus

The Team

Group Leader

Nina Lock

Associate Professor