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Troels Skrydstrup Group

  • Using gaseous molecules in combination with transition metals.
  • Utilizing two-chamber set-up for isotope labeling.
  • Using CO2 as a useful building block for important compounds used on an industrial scale.
  • Deconstruction of plastic and polymers.

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2021.10.14 | Publication

New publication in JACS!

We have just published a nickel-mediated alkoxycarbonylation for complete carbon isotope replacement! The devloped procedure allows for the direct late stage synthesis of carbon isotope labeled aliphatic esters.

2021.09.14 | Publication

Publication in ChemSusChem

We have recently published the evaluation of manganese catalysts for the hydrogenative deconstruction of polyurethane.

2021.09.10 | Publication

Publication in OPRD!

Read about how we prepare transition metal-based precatalysts from ex-situ generated gaseous reagents.

2021.01.18 | Publication

New publication in Chemistry European Journal

Check our latest publication on nickel mediated thiocarbonylations.

2020.09.15 | Publication

Publication in Nature Catalysis

Check out our newest publication on hydroformylations in Nature Catalysis.

2020.05.25 | Publication

Essay in ChemPlusChem

We have just published an essay describing the taming of carbon monoxide.

2020.05.12 | Publication

New publication in Organic Letters

The synthesis of trifluoromethyl ketones starting from aryl bromides and aryl fluorosulfates has just been accepted for publication in Organic Letters.

2020.03.11 | Publication

Publication in Organometallics

Electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide using rhenium and ruthenium complexes has just been published.

2020.02.19 | Publication

New Publication in Organometallics

Check out our newest paper on stoichiometric studies on the carbonylative trifluoromethylation of Aryl Pd(II) complexes using TMSCF3 as the trifluoromethyl source.

2020.02.07 | Publication

New publication in Journal of American Chemical Society

Read our newest article together with prof. Kim Daasbjerg and prof. Mu-Hyu in JACS, about how ligands control the product formation in the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide using manganese bipyridine catalysts.

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