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Troels Skrydstrup Group

  • Using gaseous molecules in combination with transition metals.
  • Utilizing two-chamber set-up for preparing and using hydrogen, CO2, CO, ethylene and more.
  • Using CO2 as a useful building block for important compounds used on an industrial scale.

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2018.08.05 | News type

New visiting student

2018.08.01 | News type

New PhD students

2018.08.01 | News type

Invited paper in Journal of Catalysis

2018.08.01 | News type

Visiting student from Germany

2018.06.12 | News type

New Publication in ACS Catalysis

2018.05.15 | News type

Kick-off meeting in Tromsø

2018.05.01 | News type

Welcome in the group

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