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Bachelor & Master Drug Design Projects

Writing a bachelor assignment or a master thesis in the Bioengineered Drug Designs Laboratory you will become familiar with the methodology within the field of bioengineering. 

You will be introduced to laboratory work and how to design experiments to solve problems. 

Furthermore, you will become member of our research group with support and guidance from experienced lab members.

Project topics include

  • Modular biomolecular construct designs
  • Tunable pharmacokinetic designs

Each of the projects will be tailored to fit with a bachelor assignment or a master thesis.

Projects cover the core competences of the lab

  • Design of plasmid constructs
  • Cellular transfection
  • Protein expression in bacterial and eukaryotic cell systems
  • Protein analysis techniques
  • Cellular receptor binding assays
  • Drug pharmacokinetic and efficacy studies