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Electrochemical Biosensors and Bioelectrocatalysis­

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Is DNA a Molecular Rectifier?

Special Issue of Angewandte Chemie: Women in Chemistry is out: “the excellent research being done in groups being successfully run by female researchers”.
Our work published in this issue: Directional Preference of DNA‐Mediated Electron Transfer in Gold‐Tethered DNA Duplexes: Is DNA a Molecular Rectifier? P.3048-3052.
We show that DNA‐mediated long‐range electron transfer in gold‐tethered DNA duplexes is sequence specific and shows directional preference, making DNA a molecular rectifier. For more details see here.

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                                 Prof. Adam Heller, the University of Texas at Austin, 
                                 co-founder of TheraSense, now Abbott Diabetes Care


Breaking Bad Biofilms: Training Network (H2020-MSCA-ITN)

NUMEN: Nanotechnologies for Ultrasensitive monitoring of Microbes in the human ENvironment



CEM: Center for ElectroMicrobology


eADAM: Ultra-small electrochemical Aptasensors for specific DopAmine real-time Monitoring, EU MCSA H2O2