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Team members

Head of the group


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Assoc. Prof. Elena E. Ferapontova

E-mail: elena.ferapontova@inano.au.dk

M.Sc. in Chemistry (Moscow State University)

Ph.D. in Electrochemistry, Kinetics and Catalysis (Moscow State University)

Postdoctoral research:

- University of Alcalá de Henares, Spain (Electrochemistry of DNA)

- Lund University, Sweden (Electrochemistry of redox enzymes and proteins)

- University of Edinburgh, Scotland (Electrochemistry of DNA) 


Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Suchanat (Meen) Boonkaew

Sensors for Cancer Diagnostics


Office: building 1590, room 142

Dr. Steven Linfield

Biosensors for Cancer Diagnostics


Office: building 1590, room 142

PhD students

Neda Eghtesadi

Guest PhD student - Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan

Waste Water Treatment 

E-mail: Neda.eghtesadi@nu.edu.kz

Office: building 1590, room XXX



MSc Student

Izabel Mazon Anselmo

Erasmus MSc student

Biosensors for Cancer Diagnostics


Kantima Kaewjua

Guest PhD student

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Srinakharinwirot University,  Bangkok, THAILAND

Biosensors for aberration of microRNA expression in hypoxic tumours

Email: Kantima.kaewjua@g.swu.ac.th

Purnima Gabhrani

Erasmus exchange student

University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy

DNA-based sensors for bacterial RNA detection

Email: purnima.gabhrani@students.uniroma2.eu


Former guests and members

2023 Dr. Mark J. Haastrup, industrial postdoctoral researcher, "Biosensors for Cancer Diagnostics"

2023 Rimsha Binte Jamal, Marie Curie PhD student, "Microbial biosensors, health care diagnostics"

2023 Toni Vitasovic,  Marie Curie PhD student, "Antimicrobial breaking biofilm systems"

2022 Dr. Ana Diaz Fernandez,  postdoctoral researcher, "Biosensors for Cancer Diagnostics"

2021 Lucia Gómez Arconada, Erasmus Internship MSc student, "Electrochemical liquid biopsy assays on screen printed electrodes"

2019 Dr. Dmitry Pankratov, Guest researcher, "Electrochemical sensors for bacteria"

2019 Dr. Marta Jarczewska, Guest researcher, "Elecrochemical sensors for neurodegenerative deseases"

2019 Mads Bendixen, Research assistant,"Electrochemical sensors"

2019 Christian Bache, MSc student, "Aptamer electrode engineering"

2019 Tobias Gammelby Chabert, BSc student, "Fluidic Devices For Small Molecule Analysis"

2019 Bjarke Levenhagen, BSc student, "Fluidic Devices For Small Molecule Analysis"

2019 Christian Bak Winther, BSc student, "Fluidic Devices For Small Molecule Analysis"

2018 Dr. Kamila Malecka, visiting scientist, "Biosensors for cancer diagnostics"

2018 Dr. Aleksandra Jaworska, visiting scientist, "Surface analysis of DNA"

2018 Marta Borràs Brull, guest PhD student, "Bi-enzyme micro-electrodes for glutamate analysis"

2018 Sara Frank, BSc student, "Bioelectrocatalysis and Sustainable Energy Production"

2018 Dr. Lázslo Kékedy-Nagy, PhD student and Postdoctoral researcher "Electrochemistry of DNA"

2018 Deby Fapyane, PhD student, "Bacterial electroanalysis"  

2018 Prof. Bernie Kraatz, guest professor, "Environmental analysis"

2018 Dr. Isabel Alvarez Martos, Marie Curie postdoctoral researcher, "Electroanalysis of neurotransmitters"

2018 Christian Bak Winther, Intern student, "Biosensor device engineering" 

2017 Christian Bache, BSc student, "Aptamer electrodes for selective analysis of dopamine" 

2017 Faezeh Shahdoostfard, guest PhD student, "DNA sensor for cancer diagnostics"

2017 Razieh Salimian, guest PhD student, "Aptamer sensors for cancer biomarkers" 

2016 Dr. Lingling Zhang, postdoctoral researcher, "Photoelectrocatalysis; G4 electrochemical sensors" 

2016 Anna Pellattiero, Erasmus program exchange student, "Aptamer biosensors"

2016 Jonathan Juhl, BSc student, "Electron transfer in DNA beacons"

2015 Dr. Paula Lopes, postdoctoral researcher, "Biosensors"

2015 Dr. Alexander Vakourov, guest senior scientist, "Photoelectrocatalysis"

2015 Dr. Rui Campos, postdoctoral researcher, "Electron transfer in DNA and genosensor development"

2015 Victor Castaing, Erasmus program exchange student, “Enzyme electrodes”

2015 Esther Tanumihardja, Erasmus program exchange student, “DNA sensors for cancer diagnostics”

2015 Naghmeh Sadat Mirbagheri, Ph.D. student, "Photoelectrocatalytic oxidation of water by nanostructured electrode materials"

2014 Jan Špaček, guest Ph.D. student, "DNA biosensors" 

2014 Marta Jarczewska, guest Ph.D. student, "Protein aptasensors for cancer diagnostics" 

2014 Dr. Macej Sosna, postdoctoral researcher, "Bioelectrocatalysis"

2014 Alireza Abi, Ph.D. student, "DNA biosensors and electron transfer in DNA"

2013 Uffe Bjørnholt Jensen, Ph.D. student (Co-supervision with Duncan Sutherland), "Novel hybrid nanomaterials for bioelectrocatalysis"

2012 Hans Dyrnesli, B.Sc. student, "Electroanalysis of protein misfolding"

2011 Dr. Elahe Farjami, postdoctoral researcher, “Genosensor development and neurotransmitter research”

2011 Dr. Jose Luis Olloqui Sariego, guest scientist from the University of Seville, Spain, “Electron transfer in proteins and SAMs”

2011 Naghmeh Sadat Mirbagheri, research assistant “New photoelectrocatalysts for solar energy transformation”

2011 Samuel Lörcher, Erasmus program exchange student, “Biofuel cell development”

2011 Antonio Ramon Munoz Luque, guest student from the University of Seville, Spain, “Electron transfer in proteins”

2011 Beatriz Royo Castillejo, guest student from the University of Navarra, Spain, “Electron transfer in proteins”

2011 Jeppe Røge Nielsen, project student, “Genosensor development”

2010 Mehdi Baghayeri, guest student from the University of Mazandaran, Iran, “Neurotransmitter research”

2010 Gabriele Serafini, Erasmus program exchange student, “Bi-enzyme/CNTs electrodes for detection of glucose and cholesterol in human serum”

2010 Dr. Michail Vagin, guest scientist from Moscow State University, Russia, “Biofuel cell development”

2009 Esther Fernandez, Erasmus program exchange student, “Electrocatalysis of O2 and H2O2 reduction by heme entrapped in the polymer film”

2009 Dr. Fatma Bilge Imre, postdoctoral research, “Enzyme-surfactant modifications, Catalysis of NADH/NAD”

2009 Elahe Farjami, guest student from Shiraz University, Iran, “Development of genosensors for cancer diagnostics”

2009 Guilio Ferraresi, Erasmus program exchange student, “Electrochemistry of FAD and catalytic oxidation of NADH at FAD-modified electrodes”

2009 Celso Gomes, Erasmus program exchange student, “Development of a peroxidase-based biocathode for biofuel cell development”

2009 Anders Bødker Olesen, project student, “Electrochemical RNA- and DNA-aptamer based biosensors”