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Elena Ferapontova


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Brief Assay

M.Sc. in Chemistry (Moscow State University)

Ph.D. in Electrochemistry, Kinetics and Catalysis (Moscow State University)

Postdoctoral research:

- University of Alcalá de Henares, Spain (Electrochemistry of DNA)

- Lund University, Sweden (Electrochemistry of redox enzymes and proteins)

- University of Edinburgh, Scotland (Electrochemistry of DNA) 



Advanced Scientific Writing (iNANO, PhD students, 2016-, 3 ECTS)

To advance the students skills in experimental results analysis and their scientific presentation, both at the level of material selection and scientific writing. To improve them to the level of advanced scientific writing of papers that get published and cited in high impact factor journals.

Experimental Nanoscience 1 (iNANO, UG students, 2018-, 5 ECTS)

The aim of this course is to familiarize nano-science students (BSc) with careful experimental work, analyses of experimental data including the estimation of errors and report writing.

New Trends in Nanoscience and Entrepreneurship (iNANO, MSc students, 2018-, 5 ECTS)

Electrochemistry in Medicine, Biology and Nanotechnology (iNANO, 2015-2016, 5 ECTS).
This MSc course includes 26 lectures, 3 laboratory exercises and 4 technical exercises. Lectures are divided in four following blocks: 

Introduction to electrochemistry:
Interpreting Electrochemistry. Electrochemical methods: Voltammetry
Electrochemical methods: Amperometry; Differential Methods; Impedance
Nano-electrochemical approaches. Nanobioelectrochemistry

Module 1 Electrochemistry of biomolecules:
Protein electrochemistry; Bioelectrocatalysis
Glucose oxidase and glucose biosensors. Cytochrome P450 and its application in drug analysis
Electrochemistry of DNA. Analytical applications

Module 2 Electrochemistry of life processes:
Psychoelectrochemistry: Electroanalysis of brain activity and state
Electroanalysis of cell metabolism; Monitoring cellular dynamics: metabolism, counting cells, exocytosis and cellular adhesion
Electronic properties of bacteria. Biological energy conversion. Microbial & enzymatic fuel cells

Module 3 Applied bioelectrochemistry:
Nanoparticle hybrid systems for bioelectronics. Protein and DNA electronic circuits
Electrochemistry of lipid vesicles and biomimetic membranes. Ion channels and transporters in pore-suspended membranes. Nanopore technology
Electrochemical design of medical devices: medical implants; Electrochemical coating of medical implants, Medical devices: intracoronary stents
Electrochemically produced biofunctional materials

with Assoc. Prof. Ken Howard
(2016-, 5 ECTS)

Lecture contribution to Nanomedicine MSc course, iNANO (2011-2014, 5 ECTS)

Macroscopic Physical Chemistry 
BSc course. Seminars/technical exercises of iNANO students: NANO1 and NANO2 (Q1, 2014, 5 ECTS);

1st year iNANO student projects
(Q4, weeks 21-22, 2010-)

MSc Nanoscience course within the Sino-Denmark Research Center activities, Beijing, China.
Lectures and technical exercises, course design, coordination and evaluation of exams. (Q2-Q3, 2014, 5 ECTS)


Ph.D. (co-)supervision: 23 PhD projects
24 M.Sc. and B.Sc. projects and 13 Postdocs supervised

Societal Activities






2018-: Member of Editorial Board of Electroanalysis, Wiley (IF 2.9)
2019-2020: Chair, the Bioelectrochemistry division of the  International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE)

2017-2018: Chair Elect, the Bioelectrochemistry division of the  International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE)


2012-: Associate Editor of Electrochimica Acta, Elsevier (IF 5.2)
 - The official journal of the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE)


2015/2016: Chair (2013-2015 member) of the panel of the Oronzio and Niccolò De Nora Foundation Young Author Prize, International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) Foundation
2013: Member of the panel of the Katsumi Niki Prize for Bioelectrochemistry, International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) Niki
2011-2014: Vice-Chair of the Bioelectrochemistry division of the  International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) ISE
2009-: Member of the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) and of the Electrochemical Society (ECS). ECS


Nucleic Acid Nanotechnology

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