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2016.12.01 | Awards

HONOR: Dr. Björn Högberg

Assoc. professor and EScoDNA partner, Björn Högberg, has been honored with the ERC Consolidator Grant for the project ‘Cellular Position Tracking Using DNA Origami Barcodes’. Dr. Högberg is the group leader of Högberg Research Group at the Karolinska Institutet in Solna, Sweden. EScoDNA fellows Giulio Bernardinelli…

2016.11.21 | People

PhD Defence: Guido Grossi, Aarhus University

Dr. Guido Gross, who was employed as an EScoDNA fellow in associate professor Ebbe Sloth Andersen’s research group (Laboratory of Biomolecular Design, Aarhus University) has successfully finished his PhD time. On November 17, 2016, Guido defended his thesis with the title “DNA nanostructures to control enzymatic activities”,…

2016.11.15 | Events

LECTURE: Visit by William M. Shih, Professor of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology at Harvard Medical School

Professor William M. Shih will be visiting Center for DNA Nanotechnology and he will give a Specialized iNANO Lecture on Wednesday, Nov 16, at 14:15 in 1593-012 at iNANO. For more information on the lecture use following…

2016.11.10 | People

PhD Defence: Ilenia Manuguerra, Aarhus University

Dr. Ilenia Manuguerra, who was employed as an EScoDNA fellow in professor Kurt Gothelf’s research group at Aarhus University, has successfully defended her PhD thesis. On October 26, 2016, Ilenia defended her thesis with the title “Design and Applications of DNA Architectures – for sensing, crystallography and gene…

2016.11.03 | Awards

HONOR: Dr. Michael A. Boemo

Dr. Michael A. Boemo has received the Emanoel Lee Junior Research Fellowship (Medical Sciences) at St. Cross College. The fellowship is for medical graduates of any university who have completed their doctorate and who are in a funded research post in any area of the Medical Sciences at the University of Oxford. Since May…

2016.11.01 | People

EScoDNA careers: Valentina Cassinelli

Valentina Cassinelli was employed as a PhD student at the EScoDNA partner Baseclick GmbH in Germany from 1 September 2013. She handed in her PhD thesis (Title:”Click chemistry as bioconjugation tool applied to DNA nanotechnology and cytogenetic analysis”) at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich in September 2016 and will defend it…

2016.10.25 | Events

EScoDNA Summer School 2016

All EScoDNA members gathered up at Ludwig-Maximilians University München, for the EScoDNA Summer School 2016, 5-8 September. This was the final event in EScoDNA before the project lifetime ends January 31 2017. Read more on the following link: https://escodna.eu/events/summer-school-3/ 

2016.10.19 | People

EScoDNA careers: Dr. Laura Thomas

Dr. Laura Thomas holds a PhD degree in organic chemistry from University of Siegen. She earned her PhD in 2013 with the title: “The interaction of ligands with telomeric and ILPR quadruplex DNA.”In October 2013 she was hired for a one year Postdoc position at the EScoDNA partner Vipergen ApS. During her fellowship she worked in…

2016.10.13 | People

PhD Defence: Mattia De Stefano, Aarhus University

Dr. Mattia De Stefano, who was employed as an EScoDNA fellow in professor Kurt Gothelf’s research group at Aarhus University, has successfully defended his PhD thesis. On October 6, 2016, Mattia defended his thesis with the title “Functionalizing DNA architectures for enhancing their application potential.” Congratulations to Mattia on…

2016.10.05 | People

EScoDNA careers: Dr. Birgit Oberleitner

Dr. Birgit Oberleitner holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry, which she received from Institut Curie, Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, France. She earned her PhD in 2013 with the title: “Targeted Gold Nanorods for Cancer Imaging and Therapy.” Prior to her doctoral degree, she earned a Master degree in chemistry at the University of…

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