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Nanomedicine - Jørgen Kjems Group

Jørgen Kjems Group


The Kjems lab is located at the interdisciplinary Nanoscience center (INANO) and at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBG), both parts of Aarhus University.


-> Understanding how non-coding RNAs contribute to cell maintenance and disease development with a primary aim of defining new targets for disease intervention.

-> Creating novel bioimaging and delivery systems for gene medicine (e.g. siRNA, miRNA mimics, antimiRs) with a specific focus on inflammation, cancer, influenza, and regeneration of damaged tissue (tissue engineering).

-> Designing and constructing functionalized self-assembled DNA and RNA nanostructures capable of complex biosensing, coupled with controlled action e.g. drug release, enzyme activation, and receptor signaling.   

Kjems lab 2018
Lab retreat to Oddesund, May 2019