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Open positions

Postdoc and PhD positions in the Kjems lab

Postdoc and PhD positions become available at regular intervals. Applicants with experience or interest in nanomedicine, molecular biology, DNA/RNA origami, biochemistry, chemical engineering or similar are welcome to contact us at any time. Tax deduction benefits are available for foreign nationals.

For more information about PhD studies see Graduate School of Natural Sciences at Aarhus University

For more information about working at Aarhus University see the Junior Researcher Development Program and the Junior Researcher Association 

Bachelor and Master projects:

We have open positions for both Bachelor and Master students - find more detail here:

  • Biosynthesis and function of circular RNA in development of human disease
  • Therapeutic application of circRNA and siRNA for treatment of metabolic diseases
  • Conjugation of proteins, peptides and aptamers to nanoparticles and nucleic acid nanoscaffold for improved delivery of imaging contrast and therapeutic RNA
  • Nanopatterning of cell receptor ligands on self-assembled DNA and RNA nanostructures for increased cell signalling
  • Selection and testing of aptamers to therapeutically relevant cellular and viral targets 

Please contact Jørgen Kjems for more details or if you have other ideas for projects.