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Links to our research networks


  • CellPAT - Centre for Cellular Signal Patterns
  • CEMBID - Center for Multifunctional Biomolecular Drug Design
  • RNA-META - Centre for RNA Therapeutics Towards Metabolic Disease
  • iSEQ - Aarhus University’s Centre for Integrative Sequencing
  • EU FET-OPEN consortium VIROFIGHT (https://virofight.eu)
  • EU FET-OPEN consortium PRIME (www.fet-prime.eu)


  • BioNEC - The Biomolecular Nanoscale Engineering Centre
  • epimiRNA - MicroRNAs in the Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention of Epilepsy
  • circRTrain - circular RNA biology Training Network: from biogenesis to biomarkers
  • ConBIS - Conditioning based intervention strategies 
  • RNA-NEURO - Systems Analysis of novel small non-coding RNA in neuronal stress responses: towards novel biomarkers and therapeutics for neurodegenerative disorders
  • MUSTER - Indo-Danish Centre for Musculo-Skeletal Stem Cell Targeting
  • NanoBar - Non-invasive Nanoparticle Delivery of Nucleic Acid Therapeutics Across Biological Barriers