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Solid-state NMR of inorganic materials

Main research areas

  • Solid-state NMR methods for quantitative and structural studies of inorganic materials
  • NMR studies of Portland cement-based materials: structure, guest-ion incorporation, quantification, degree of reaction
  • Development of new cement materials with reduced CO2 emission and energy consumption: New supplementary cementitious materials (SCM's), new clinker materials, modified clinkers, alkali-activated systems
  • Pozzolanic potential of new SCM's: nanostructure, reactivity, thermodynamic modelling
  • NMR studies of heterogeneous catalysts for hydrotreating and chemical synthesis: surface structures, reactive sites, host-guest structures, catalyst degradation
  • NMR studies of glasses, zeolitic framework structures, and clay minerals
  • Solid-state NMR characterization of hydride materials for hydrogen storage (together with Torben R. Jensen)


Jørgen Skibsted

Jørgen Skibsted

Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Department of Chemistry

Office: bldg. 1511 - 122

Cell phone: +45 2899 2029

E-mail: jskib@chem.au.dk