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Stine Slotsbo


Senior Researcher, PhD

Primary affiliation

Stine Slotsbo

Areas of expertise

  • ecophysiology
  • ecotoxicology
  • soil organisms
  • Abiotic stressors
  • live fish feed

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Stine Slotsbo is Senior Researcher in ecophysiology and ecotoxicology, with a particular focus on the impacts of various stressors on soil organisms. With a keen interest in understanding the relationships between organisms and their environment, she investigates how temperature fluctuations, soil moisture levels, and contaminant exposure affect soil-dwelling organisms' physiological responses and population dynamics. Her investigations shed light on the resilience and vulnerability of these organisms in the face of environmental change.

In addition to her involvement in classical research projects, Stine uses her knowledge in large collaborative projects. As PI on two large research projects, she focuses on developing sustainable and healthy live feed for aquaculture, aiming to enhance aquaculture production while minimizing environmental impact. As co-PI on a project addressing slug pest management in agricultural fields, Stine and her team aimed to develop effective strategies for mitigating the impact of slug pests on crop yields.

Stine aims to promote collaboration between the university and the surrounding community and serves as the chairman of the Ecosciences Business Committee. She aims to facilitate collaboration between researchers and the surrounding society, ensuring that groundbreaking research translates into real-world solutions.

She has authored and co-authored articles in international journals, such as Environmental Science & Technology, Science of the Total Environment STOTEN, Ecology Letters, Environmental Pollution, and Chemosphere. Furthermore, Stine supervises numerous master's and Ph.D. students. 

Selected publications

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