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Tove Hedegaard Jørgensen


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Tove Hedegaard Jørgensen CV

Areas of expertise

  • Evolutionary biology
  • University pedagogy and didactics

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In my research I investigate the ecological and evolutionary forces that drive and maintain biodiversity both at the intra- and inter-specific level. Specifically, I use a combination of field observations, controlled experiments and molecular tools in a population genetic framework to understand the evolutionary processes maintaining diversity.

Teaching activities

Currently I teach courses in Evolutionary Biology and Academic writing to undergraduates and postgraduates. In the past, I have taught Ecology, Behavioural Ecology, Ecological Survey Methods, Botany field courses and undergraduate Maths.



I have a strong interest in the pedagogics and didactics of university teaching and research supervision. I act as advisor to the Biology education on pedagogy and didactics and work as a consultant with the Graduate Schools of Natural and Technical Sciences to support researchers in enhancing their supervisory skills.

Selected publications

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