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iNANO Alumni Day 2019

From process optimisation to development of healthcare products, new materials and sensors. The speakers represented very well the wide-ranging versatility of nanoscience graduates at iNANO Alumni Day 2019.    

125 former and current Nanoscience students and iNANO employees signed up for the third iNANO Alumni Day which was held on 4th April 2019. The iNANO auditorium was filled with former and current Nanoscience students and iNANO employees who came to become inspired and listen to Nanoscience alumni tell about their work places and job functions.

The Nanoscience alumni present at this year's alumni day nicely represented the top of the list of companies, which currently have the most employees with a bachelor's and/or Master's degree in Nanoscience from Aarhus University. Those companies include Novo Nordisk, Technological Institute, Arla Foods and CemeCon.

Below you can see the programme from iNANO Alumni Day 2019 and you can read more about the Nanoscience alumni who gave a talk this day.

Programme - 4th April, 2019

  • 14.30: Coffee and registration
  • 15.00: Welcome by Centre Director Trolle Linderoth
  • 15.15: Talks by Nanoscience alumni.
    • 15.15-15.45: Karthiga Panneerselvam, Process Supporter, Novo Nordisk
      • As Process supporter at Novo Nordisk Karthiga spends her time with problem solving, lean and project management in the world’s largest insulin manufacturing site. Karthiga has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Nanoscience and she performed her Bachelor’s and Master’s project in Brigitte Städler’s research group. 
    • 15.45-16.15: Sabrina Rostgaard Johannsen, Material Scientist, Coloplast
      • As Material Specialist at Coloplast Sabrina contributes in the development and maintenance of healthcare products. Sabrina has a Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degree in Nanoscience and she performed her PhD project in Arne Nylandsted Larsen’s research group.
  • 16.15: Break
  • 16.45: Talks by Nanoscience alumni
    • 16.45-17.15: Simon Frølich, Consultant, Technological Institute
      • As Consultant in the department of Resources and Materials Chemistry at the Danish Technological Institute Simon helps companies to develop new products and to better understand their current products and processes. Simon has a Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degree in Nanoscience and he performed his PhD project in Henrik Birkedal’s research group.
    • 17.15-17.45: Søren Porsgaard, Chief Technology Officer, Unisense
      • As Chief Technology Officer at Unisense A/S Søren leads the development of novel chemical sensors for industrial applications. In particular, the company has focused on the development of a new H2S sensor for use in wastewater, biogas and natural gas applications. Søren has a Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degree in Nanoscience and he performed his PhD project in Flemming Besenbacher’s research group and at the Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
  • 17.45: News from iNANO by Centre Director Trolle Linderoth
  • 18.15: Reception for iNANO alumni (former Nanoscience students, 5th year Nanoscience students and senior, PhD students, post docs and other iNANO employees are welcome)