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iNANO Alumni Day 2017 - iNANO celebrating 10 years of Nanoscience alumni

Former and current Nanoscience students were gathered at iNANO Alumni Day 2017 where iNANO, together with former Nanoscience alumni, displayed the wide-ranging versatility of nanoscience graduates

Mikkel Kongsfelt, Founder and CEO at RadiSurf, talking at iNANO Alumni Day 2017 (Photo: Martin Gravgaard).
Trolle Linderoth talking at iNANO Alumni Day 2017 (Photo: Martin Gravgaard).
Mads Ry Jørgensen talking at iNANO Alumni Day 2017 (Photo: Martin Gravgaard).
Niels Wardinghus Bøje (right) telling about his career at Arla Foods Ingredients at iNANO Alumni Day 2017 (Photo: Martin Gravgaard).
Thomas Andersen (to the left of centre) telling about his career at Illumina at iNANO Alumni Day 2017 Photo: Martin Gravgaard).

Anniversary and celebration

2017 has been a year of many special occasions for Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center (iNANO). 15 years ago professor Flemming Besenbacher founded not just iNANO, which today is one of the world's leading research centers in nanoscience and nanotechnology. He also founded the world's first interdisciplinary Nanoscience education.

On 21 September iNANO could then celebrate Nanoscience student no. 200 who have completed both the Bachelor’s as well as the Master’s educational programme in Nanoscience at Aarhus University (read more here). Though, since 2002 more than 325 students have achieved a bachelor’s degree and/or a Master’s degree in Nanoscience. Additionally, more than 320 have earned a PhD degree in Nanoscience.

iNANO Alumni Day 2017

iNANO marked this year of many events to celebrate by having the very first iNANO Alumni Day on 17 November 2017. iNANO senior scientists brought the participating Nanoscience alumni up to date on the latest progress within their research, and later former and current Nanoscience students filled the iNANO Auditorium to hear inspirational talks from selected Nanoscience alumni.

See the programme of iNANO Alumni Day 2017 here.

Having completed the Nanoscience education paves the way for job opportunities within a wide range of scientific areas, ranging from nanomedicine and biotechnology to functional materials and the energy/environmental sector. Indeed, this is also emphasized by the diverse functions the former Nanoscience students fill in especially industry. After the talks the students kept the speakers busy as they had the opportunity to talk to them at a networking session in the iNANO foyer. Here the speakers could further elaborate on their careers at Velux, Grundfos, Arla Foods Ingredients, Novo Holdings, Terma, Vestas, Unisense and Max IV Laboratory.

Read more about iNANO Alumni Network here: http://inano.au.dk/education/inano-alumne/

Nanoscience educational programme:

iNANO offers the interdisciplinary Nanoscience educational programme, where the students follow courses in physics, chemistry and molecular biology. The education allows them to investigate and develop unique materials, features and properties in almost everything we surround ourselves with. The nanoscience students are working on the nanoscale, with the very smallest details in the development of future technologies in areas such as materials, energy, environment, communication, electronics and health. Read more about the nanoscience programme on http://bachelor.au.dk/nanoscience/ and http://kandidat.au.dk/nanoscience/.