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BettaSensing, co-founded by iNANO researcher Noga Gal, is developing a flavor fingerprint technology. Photo: Mathilde Kræmer.

2021.03.18 | iNano

Flavor recognition technology on its way to the market. Is your startup company next?

How do we know, if our food tastes good, or if it has already gone bad? The startup BettaSensing, co-founded by iNANO researcher Noga Gal, has created an innovative flavor recognition technology for the food industry. Last year, the company took part in the EIT Food entrepreneurship program Seedbed, which in Denmark is based at the Department of…

Associate Professor Ken Howard and his research team join forces with world leading scientists to develop new platform for tunable immunotherapy. (Image: Nature Commun Biol 4, Article no. 310 (2021))
Associate Ken Howard is head of the Bioengineered Drug Designs Lab at Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center (iNANO), Aarhus University. (Photo: Maria Randima, AU Photo)

2021.03.11 | iNano

Albumin solution to an unmet need in cancer immunotherapy

AU researchers join forces with world leaders to develop a new albumin-based platform for long-acting, efficient, and safer immunotherapy. Assoc. Prof. Ken Howard and his research team have published their findings in a new Nature family journal.

Jørgen Kjems (left) and Morten Venø are partners in a new consortium, PRIME, that will seek to develop biological nano-implants - based on naturally occurring signaling pathways - that can help patients with epilepsy. Photo: Anne Færch Nielsen.

2021.03.11 | iNano

Developing biological nano-implants to block epileptic seizures

Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological diseases and seizures can be debilitating. Unfortunately, treatments to prevent these seizures are lacking. Jørgen Kjems from iNANO and the Department of Molecular Biology at Aarhus University and the AU spinout company, OMIICS, are partners in a new consortium, PRIME, that will seek to develop…

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