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Use our industry portal to access MAX IV & ESS

In addition to our local facilities, our industrial partners will be able to access large-scare international instrumentation through us.

Within a few years, two of the most powerful radiation sources in the world will be operational in Lund, Sweden: The synchrotron source MAX IV and the neutron source ESS (European Spallation Source).

Both sources offer new unique opportunities to study the structure of both hard and soft materials. Through strategic alliances with MAX IV – and the new industrial portal LINX – Aarhus university/iNANO will collaborate with DTU and Copenhagen University to ensure Danish companies fast access to beam-time, analytical competences and forefront strategic research within material science.

The fast and easy access to world class facilities, competences and collaboration will help Danish industrial companies create new and innovative products and processes – and thereby maintain or increase their competitive strength on the global market.

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