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Diffraction Industry Portal Aarhus University

The Diffraction Industry Portal Aarhus University is a contact point for Danish industry to connect with diffraction experts at Aarhus University.

In a few years, two of the most powerful radiation sources in the world will be operational in Lund, Sweden: The synchrotron source MAX IV and the neutron source ESS (European Spallation Source). Both sources offer new unique opportunities to study the structure of both hard and soft materials and both sources are accessible to Danish industry. We believe collaboration between researchers and the Danish industry is essential in ensuring that Danish companies utilize these new exciting possibilities in their R&D programs.

The Diffraction Portal offers collaboration, advice, training, measurements, technical support, and data analysis in the field of X-ray and neutron diffraction - specifically tailored to the need of the your company and the scientific/technical problem.

For new projects, we offer free testing using our in-house instruments in order to gauge the feasibility and determine the best way to proceed.

The mode of collaboration can be customized to meet the need of your company, ranging from collaborative projects over co-financed PhD students to proprietary research. Contact us to learn more about the modes of collaboration.

The portal is divided into two main fields:

Materials and Proteins