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  • Synthesis and characterization of energy materials (e.g. thermoelectrics, hydrogen storage, batteries, photovoltaics)
  • Heterogeneous catalysts
  • Magnetic materials
  • Electronic materials
  • High pressure materials
  • Polymers
  • Porous materials
  • Bio-inspired materials
  • Semiconductors
  • Optical nanomaterials.

Synthesis of new compounds using a plethora of methods and reactors

The area benefits from outstanding laboratories for materials synthesis, and characterization of materials composition, structure and properties for both amorphous and crystalline materials. Synchrotron x-ray and neutron scattering facilities are used all over the world with about 200 beam days every year and iNANO researchers are responsible for construction of two Danish beamlines in Lund; Heimdal and DanMAX. Furthermore, the group has a broad range of solid-state NMR spectrometers including ultra-high-field.

  • Research on all aspects of thermoelectrics (synthesis, property measurements, structural characterization, modelling and module fabrication).
  • Complete laboratories for synthesis and characterisation of battery materials, including operando cells for PXRD.
  • Very strong activities on synthesis of hydrogen storage materials.
  • Metal hydride work also involves development of solid state electrolytes for batteries.  
  • Development of permanent magnets for energy storage based on hierarchical materials with control on nano, micro and macroscale.
  • Optical materials are synthesized and studied vigorously with focus on light-matter interaction, including ultrashort-pulse-lasers interacting with materials and the interaction of semiconductors with light for improvements of photovoltaics.
  • Optical metamaterials and chirooptical materials are developed making use of plasmonic manipulation of light.
  • Cementitious materials with a substantial lowered CO2 footprint.
  • A wide range of heterogeneous catalysts are studied.
  • Exploratory materials synthesis is carried out at high pressure and high temperature with matching in situ studies in diamond anvil cells at synchrotron sources.
  • Structure/function relationships in biological and bioinspired materials such as bone and blue mussels glue.
  • Polymer science activities have focus on equilibrium self-assembly of colloidal particles.

Group leaders within Nanomaterials

Agarwala, Shweta


Biodegradable Electronic Material, Printed and Flexible Electronic, Bioelectronics, Nanoelectronic Devices, Healthcare and point-of-care devices

Andersen, Mie


Heterogeneous catalysts, Surface Science, Astrochemistry, Density Functional Theory, Machine Learning, Microkinetic Modelling, Computational Screening, Metal Oxides, Metal/Oxide Interfaces, CO2 hydrogenation

Balling, Peter


Ultrashort-Pulse Lasers, Ultrafast Material Excitation, Modeling of highly-excited materials, Solar Cells, Upconversion, Plasmonic nanostructures, Semiconductors, Radiation dosimetry, Photovoltaics.

Besenbacher, Flemming

Birkedal, Henrik


Biological materials, Bioinspired materials, Synchrotrons and neutrons, Crystallography, Synchrotron imaging, Multimodal (diffraction/scattering/fluorescence) X-ray tomography, Bone, Hydrogels, Responsive materials, Self-organization, Coacervates

Bremholm, Martin


Materials synthesis, Solid-state chemistry, Crystal growth, High pressure methods, Crystallography, Phase transitions, Electronic and magnetic properties, Topological materials

Bøjesen, Espen Drath


Electron Microscopy, Disordered Materials, Structure, Electron Diffraction, 4D-STEM, Diffuse Scattering, Statistical STEM.

Christensen, Mogens


Synthesis of nanocrystallites, Neutron Scattering, X-Ray Diffraction, Magnetism, Energy Materials, Crystallography, Neutron instrumentation.

Daasbjerg, Kim


Carbon Dioxide, Graphene, Polymer Brushes, Materials Science, Electrochemistry.

Dong, Mingdong


Atomic Force Microscopy, Nanodevices, Size-dependent properties, Low Dimensional materials, Nanomechanics, Electronic materials, Surface Science, Functional Nanomaterals.

Goesten, Maarten


Superconductivity, Two-dimensional materials, Heterogeneous catalysis, Self-assembly

Hofmann, Philip


Electronic structure, angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, synchrotron radiation, ultrafast electron dynamics

Hornekær, Liv


Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, Graphene, Functionalized Surfaces, Graphene Coatings, Band Gap Engineering, Graphene Coated Nanoparticles.

Iversen, Bo Brummerstedt


Materials chemistry, materials crystallography, synchrotron and neutron scattering, thermoelectrics, batteries, catalysis, chemical bonding, electron density, nanoparticles, supercritical fluids

Jensen, Torben René


Inorganic Nanomaterials, Hydrogen Storage, Nanoconfinement, Nanoporous Materials, Gas Adsorption.

Julsgaard, Brian


Semiconductor synthesis, Semiconductor nanocrystals, Group-IV photonics, Nano-optics, Optical properties of materials.

Lauritsen, Jeppe Vang


Catalysis, Surface Science, Scanning Probe Microscopy, Energy Materials, Surface structures, Metal oxides, Nanoparticles, Electrocatalysis, 2D materials, MoS2, Hydrotreating Catalysis, Single-atom Catalysis, Water Splitting, SCR catalysis, NOx removal.

Lock, Nina


Hybrid materials (organic/inorganic), Synthesis, Structural studies, Catalysis.

Miwa, Jill


Buried interfaces, Delta-layers, Photo-electron spectroscopy, Electronic material.

Mudring, Anja


Green chemistry, nanoparticles, ionic liquids, complex intermetallics, energy ​storage, materials chemistry, X-ray diffraction, magnetism, relativity

Nielsen, Niels Christian


Coming soon

Nygaard, Jens Vinge


Biomechanics, Biomaterials, Materials and Tissue Engineering.

Pedersen, Jan Skov


Synchtron small-angle X-ray scattering, Block copolymer self-assembly, Block copolymer coacervate micelles, Morphological changes in complex mixtures of surfactants, Protein Aggregation, Functional and Pathological Amyloid, Protein-Fatty Acid Complexes, Protein-Surfactant/Biosurfactant Interactions, Molecular Self-Assembly, Modification and stabilisation of enzymes, Milk proteins and protein-fatty acids complexes.

Ravnsbæk, Dorthe


Materials Chemistry, Energy Materials, Batteries, Nano- and atomic-scale structure, Electrochemistry, in situ and operando methods

Skibsted, Jørgen


Solid-State NMR, Portland Cement, CO2 Emission, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Materials Research.

Sutherland, Duncan


NanoopticsPlasmonics, Optical metamaterials, Chirooptical materials, Thermal management materials, Biomaterials, Bio and chemical sensors, Protein coronas, Biointerfaces, Nanotoxicology, Cell Instructive Materials, Bacterial adhesion, Plasmons, 2D Materials, Stem Cells, Non-Fouling Surfaces, Astringency, Extra Cellular Matrix, Cell Adhesion Molecule.

Vosegaard, Thomas


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy, Structure and Dynamics of Insoluble Proteins, Protein-Lipid Interactions, NMR Method Development, Materials characterisation, NMR rheology, Structural biology, Antimicrobial peptides, Lipids, Lipidomics.

Weidner, Tobias


Surface spectroscopy, Femtosecond Spectroscopy, Protein Structure, Biomimetic Design, Surface Modification, Membrane Proteins, Ultrafast Molecular Motion, Interfacial Water

Wendt, Stefan


Model Catalysis, Oxide Surfaces, Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM), Temperature-Programmed Desorption (TPD).