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Dorthe Ravnsbæk

Dorthe Ravnsbæk

Professor Department of Chemistry


  • Materials Chemistry
  • Energy Materials
  • Batteries
  • Nano- and atomic-scale structure
  • Electrochemistry
  • in situ and operando methods

Head of the Ravnsbæk Group

Professor Dorthe Ravnsbæk

Developing functional materials for sustainable batteries

Research in the Ravnsbæk Group evolves around developing functional materials for sustainable batteries. Within this topic they investigate novel electrode materials for e.g. Li-, Na- and Mg-ion batteries with activities spanning from synthesis over materials characterization to battery fabrication and electrochemical analysis. Furthermore, they are involved in a series of effort exploring methods to stabilize the electrode and the electrodes under high-potential or high mechanical strain conditions.

The focus of the Ravnsbæk Group lies especially on understanding structure property relations of battery materials, that is, how does the electrochemical properties and the battery performance correlate with the nano- and atomic-scale structure of the functional components. To elucidate this they utilize a range of X-ray and neutron based techniques, e.g. X-ray scattering, to probe the structural changes as they occur inside the operating battery during charge and discharge.

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