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Andersen, Ebbe Sloth


Biomolecular design, Biomolecular nanotechnology, Biomolecular robotics, Cryo-electron microscopy, Drug delivery, Biosensor development, Selection for molecular function, Metabolic engineering, Systems biology, Synthetic biology

Balling, Peter


Ultrashort-Pulse Lasers, Ultrafast Material Excitation, Modeling of highly-excited materials, Solar Cells, Upconversion, Plasmonic nanostructures, Semiconductors, Radiation dosimetry, Photovoltaics.

Besenbacher, Flemming

Bilde, Merete


Physical chemistry, Atmospheric physical chemistry, Aerosols, Chemistry in climate

Birkedal, Henrik


Biological materials, Bioinspired materials, Synchrotrons and neutrons, Crystallography, Synchrotron imaging
Multimodal (diffraction/scattering/fluorescence) X-ray tomography, Bone, Hydrogels, Responsive materials, Self-organization, Coacervates

Birkedal, Victoria


Biophysical chemistry, Structural dynamics and function, Genome biophysics, DNA based nanostructures and devices, Single molecule spectroscopy and fluorescence

Bremholm, Martin


Materials synthesis, Solid-state chemistry, Crystal growth, High pressure methods, Crystallography, Phase transitions, Electronic and magnetic properties, Topological materials

Bøjesen, Espen Drath


Electron Microscopy, Disordered Materials, Structure, Electron Diffraction, 4D-STEM, Diffuse Scattering, Statistical STEM

Chen, Menglin


Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Electrohydrodynamics, Nanofibers

Christensen, Mogens


Synthesis of nanocrystallites, Neutron Scattering, X-Ray Diffraction, Magnetism, Energy Materials, Crystallography, Neutron instrumentation.

Daasbjerg, Kim


Carbon Dioxide, Graphene, Polymer Brushes, Materials Science, Electrochemistry.

Dong, Mingdong


Atomic Force Microscopy, Nanodevices, Size-dependent properties, Low Dimensional materials, Nanomechanics, Electronic materials, Surface Science, Functional Nanomaterals.