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Kjems, Jørgen


Non-Coding RNA, RNA Interference, Tissue Engineering, Drug Delivery, Bioimaging, Aptamers, Tissue Engineering, Stem cell therapy Tissue Engineering , Stem cell niches, Engineered exosomes for drug delivery and cell signaling, Designed immuno recognition, Bioconjugation of molecules and cells, Artificial tasting, Food biosensors, Encapsulation of food ingredients.

Knudsen, Birgitta R.


DNA nanoparticles, DNA based biosensors, Detection of pathogenic microbes, Targeted treatment of infectious diseases.

Lauritsen, Jeppe Vang


Catalysis, Surface Science, Scanning Probe Microscopy, Energy Materials, Surface structures, Metal oxides, Nanoparticles, Electrocatalysis, 2D materials, MoS2, Hydrotreating Catalysis, Single-atom Catalysis, Water Splitting, SCR catalysis, NOx removal.

Linderoth, Trolle René


Surface Science, Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, Molecular Self-Assembly, Dynamic Surface Processes, Surface Chirality, Ultra-high vacuum surface science, Molecular self-assembly, On-surface synthesis, Metal-organic coordination networks, Bio-molecular self-assembly, Surface diffusion and conformational dynamics, Chiral recognition, Electrospray deposition.

Lock, Nina


Hybrid materials (organic/inorganic), Synthesis, Structural studies, Catalysis.

Meyer, Rikke Louise


Biofilms, Bacterial Adhesion,, Single-Cell Interactions,, Antimicrobial Compounds,, Antifouling Surfaces, Receptor-ligand interactions, Adhesive biomolecules, Antimicrobial formulations for food preservation.

Miwa, Jill


Buried interfaces, Delta-layers, Photo-electron spectroscopy, Electronic material.

Mulder, Frans


NMR Spectroscopy, Biophysics, Protein Dynamics, Protein Electrostatics, Structural Biology.

Nissen, Poul


Membrane Proteins, Transporters, Crystallography, Structural Biology, Drug Discover.

Nygaard, Jens Vinge


Biomechanics, Biomaterials, Materials and Tissue Engineering.