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Magnus Kjærgaard

Magnus Kjærgaard

Associate Professor Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics - Neurobiology

Team Leader at DANDRITE: Protein Dynamics 

Assistant Professor Magnus Kjærgaard
PhD in Biochemistry

Understanding signaling complexes

Our overall goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms underpinning the regulation of memory formation and the control of biological signaling pathways. We focus particularly on the intra-cellular domains of membrane receptors and their associated signaling complexes using single molecule fluorescence microscopy, nucleic magnetic resonance spectroscopy and biophysical assays.

Signaling pathways in biological cells are often organized into large complexes called signaling complexes. The signaling complexes orchestrate the signaling pathways by controlling which proteins come into contact with each other. This process is poorly understood at the molecular level because we do not quantitatively understand the effect of tethering molecules to each other. With funding from the VILLUM FONDEN, we are exploring the fundamental principles of macromolecular tethering quantified as effective concentrations. We are concurrently studying signaling complexes important for synaptic communication, which are crucial for the formation of memories.

We are affiliated with the recently established DANDRITE neuroscience center, which spans a wide range of topics within neuroscience, and Magnus is a junior fellow at the newly established interdisciplinary center Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies.

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