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Research Areas

Synthesis and detailed characterization of novel materials

In future, we will concentrate on the following approaches:

  • We will focus on new synthesis strategies, e.g. mechanochemistry (green chemistry)
  • We will develop new equipment, techniques and know-how
  • We will study chemical reactions
  • We will synthesize instable materials at a synchrotron beamline through in-situ studies at high pressures (200-1000 bar)
  • We will focus on hydrides, porous materials, new ‘MOF’, related materials, battery materials, ionic conductors (e.g. based on borohydrides), etc.

Our future research will be facilitated by the fact that Lund will soon be converted to a world leading centre for X-ray and neutron scattering, and our research success will depend on making optimum use of the these new MAX-IV and ESS facilities.