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Nanobiointerfaces Group (Prof. Duncan S. Sutherland - duncan@inano.au.dk)
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Current Projects

  • CellPAT  Center of Excellence "Center for cellular signal patterns" DNRF 2017-2023

  • "Plant macromolecules as modulators of nanoparticle biotransformation, uptake and plant growth enhancement for nano-enabled agriculture" DFF-FTP 2021-2024

  • "Passive and responsive materials for building solar-thermal management" DFF Green Transitions 2022-2025

  • “Advanced 2D cell culture for improved phenotype assays (CELPPLUS)" NNF/ODIN Open Science 2022-2023

  • "Plasmonic single molecule platform for studying dynamics during protein interactions" NNF 2022-2025

Past Projects

  • "The role of soft interactions in complex media" Funded by FNU 2015-2018

  • "Plasmon enabled protein conformation analysis for biosensor applications" Funded by FTP 2015-2018

  • "SYMBIOTIC Innovative autonomous electrical biosensor synergistically assembled inside a passive direct methanol fuel cell for screening cancer biomarkers" Funded by EU FET-OPEN 2015-2018 

  • "DIREKT" Disarming the intravascular innate immune response to improve treatment modalities for chronic kidney disease Funded from EC FP7 2013-2017

  • "Heat transfer effective antifouling solutions for heat exchange surfaces" Innovations Fund 2014-2018

  • "Chiral plasmonics" Funded from Villum Foundation 2014-2016

  • "Exploring mechanotransduction in focal adhesions" Funded from FNU 2013-2015

  • "DERMAL" Funded from EC 2014

  • "NANOPINION" Funded from EC FP7 2011-2014

  • "SIDANA - Parallelogram Approach to assess the risk of engineered nanotechnology materials" Funded from Strategic committee for health, safety and environmental factors 2010-2013