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Nanobiointerfaces Group (Prof. Duncan S. Sutherland - duncan@inano.au.dk)
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Duncan Sutherland (b 1970) has worked in the area of nanotechnology for life science since 1995  with a focus on Self assembly nanofabrication routes, nanostructured biomaterials and nanoscale biosensors. After completing his Ph.D in Physics at the University of Bristol he moved to Chalmers in Sweden where he became a project leader in the Chemical Physics Group of the Department of Applied Physics. During his time in Sweden he developed self-assembly based engineering approaches to nanofabrication utilising colloidal particles systems and applied them to the study of nanostructured interfaces in different physical and life science applications. In March 2006 he moved  his group to the iNANO center at the University of Aarhus taking up an Associate Professor faculty position. In 2017 he was made full Professor. The Nanobiointerfaces group has research interests in biomaterials, biosensors, biofouling, nanotoxicology as well as the fundamentals of plasmonic interactions at metal nanostructures. In addition to his research activities, teaching and industrial collaborations, Prof. Sutherland is also involved in outreach activities, including communicating fundamental concepts, benefits and applications of nanotechnologies to NGOs, trade union representatives, industry members and the general public.
The group is highly international currently hosting 6 different nationalities.


Group Members

Post-docs / Seniors

Master's / Bachelor's Students / Student Assistants

  • Monika Agata Ingielewicz (Masters Student)
  • Sara Hvidbjerg Laursen (Bachelors Student)
  • Jimmy Duc Tran (Bachelors Student)





Former Group Members


  • Heba Khateb (PhD student, Post-doc)
  • Maria G d R Herrera Salazar (PhD Student)
  • Nadine Urban (Visiting Masters Student)
  • Zahra Shakeran (Visiting PhD Student)
  • Christina Moeslund Zeuthen (PhD Student)
  • Maria Duarte (Visiting Masters Student)
  • Xianchao Liu (Visiting PhD Student)
  • Gunnar Klös (PhD Student)
  • Hans Dyrnesli (PhD Student)
  • Kei Shiraishi Bech (Master's Student)
  • Youssif Mehri (Master's Student)
  • André Moura (Visiting Master's Student)
  • Ali Shahrokhtash (Bachelor's Student)
  • Aske Møller Jørgensen (Master's Student)
  • Johan Karstoft (Bachelors Student, Laboratory assistant)
  • Anisha Chirumamilla (Post-doc)
  • Kadega Ali (Masters Student)
  • Joana Guerreiro (Phd Student, Post-doc) 

  • Vladimir Bochenkov (Post-doc)

  • Thea Bøggild (PhD Student)

  • Andreas Søe Andersen (PhD Student, Post-doc)

  • Kasper Runager (Post-doc)

  • Teodora Miclaus (PhD Student, Post-doc) 

  • Jing Wang (Post-doc)

  • Matteo Todeschini (Erasmus Master's Student)

  • Luisa Filipponi (Post-doc)

  • Rasmus Vendelboe (Master's Student, Research Assistant)

  • Maj Frederiksen (Ph.D. Student)

  • Rasmus Foldbjerg (Ph.D. Student, Main supervisor Prof. Herman Autrup at Department of Public Health)

  • Thomas Schmidt (Master's Student, Ph.D. Student)

  • Stine Kristensen (Ph.D. Student)

  • Uffe Bjørnholt Jensen (Ph.D. Student)

  • Anders Okholm (Bachelor's Student)

  • Nina Roberts (Bachelor's Student)

  • Martin Cole (Post-doc)

  • Stephanie Kelle (Erasmus Intern)

  • Jette Lovmand (Post-doc)

  • Maria Sundh (Ph.D. Student, Post-doc)

  • Jenny Malmström (Ph.D. Student, Post-doc)

  • Brigitte Städler (Post-doc)

  • Abbas Maaroof (Post-doc)

  • Hans Peter Jacobsen (Master's Student, Scientific Assistant)

  • Anton Resin (Post-doc)

  • Stepan Shipovskov (Post-doc)

  • Melanie Burkhardt (Master's Student)

  • Michal Manandhar (Master's Student)

  • Martin Lorentzen (Post-doc)

  • Hossein Agheli (Post-doc)

  • Anne Gry Hemmersam (Ph.D. Student)