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Personal Details

Name: Duncan Stewart Sutherland Date of Birth: 9th March 1970

Nationality: British              Civil Status: Married (Karin Elisabeth)
Children: 2 (Louise Astrid born 02 and Rebecka Ailsa born 03)
Parental leave: 10months during 2002-2005


1988-1991 BSc. in Physics University of Bristol UK

1991-1995 Ph.D in Physics Interface Analysis Center University of Bristol UK

'Studies of Titanium as an implant material within the body and within a model of the inflammatory response” Supervisor :Professor G.C. Allen

2000-2001 15 ECTS points in Pedagogics: Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Chalmers Sweden

2006 Docent Awarded at the Department of Applied Physics Chalmers Sweden


1996 Royal Society European Postdoctoral fellowship Dept. Applied Physics Chalmers

1997-8 Marie Curie FP4 Individual postdoctoral fellowship Dept. Applied Physics Chalmers

1999-2001 Researcher Dept. Applied Physics Chalmers

2002-2006 Project Leader Dept. Applied Physics Chalmers

During 2002-2005 a total of 10 months paternity leave (in Sweden)

2006 March - Associate Professor (Faculty) iNANO interdisciplinary Nanoscience center Aarhus University

2009 April - Associate Professor MSK (Faculty) iNANO interdisciplinary Nanoscience center Aarhus University

2017 March - Full Professor (Faculty) iNANO interdisciplinary Nanoscience center Aarhus University 

Academic achievements:

1988 Lawrence F Bessie Summer scholarship to Weitzmann Inst. Rehovot Israel

1991 Raychem Undergraduate research prize in physics University of Bristol UK

1999 EU FP5 Principle investigator QoL NANOMED: Nanobiotechnology and medicine

2002 Co-recipient Vetenskaprådet Sweden Biochemical sensors based on metallic nanoparticle biosensors

2003 Co-recipient VINNOVA Sweden (BIONANOIT programme) Biomembrane inspired platform for new devices and systems

2004 Co-recipient EU FP6 STREP NANOCUES: Nanoscale surface cues to steer cellular biosystems

2004 Ph.D supervisor of the year Chalmers (only non-faculty staff to ever receive the award)

2006 Co-recipient FNU equipment grant for a Biacore T100 SPR system

2006 Internationalisaring PhD stipend FUU

2006 Main applicant FNU Framework grant in the area of Nanoplasmonics for biosensors

2006 Main applicant equipment grant for Optical Spectrometer Carlsberg Foundation

2006 Co-recipient Danish National Advanced Technology Fund project PROSURF

2007 Main Applicant Lundberg Foundation grant Nanopatterned proteins and stem cells

2008 Co-recipient Innovation Consortium Grant Genius

2008 Co-recipient EU FP7 NANOYOU

2008 Main applicant FNU Large Framework grant in the area of Nanoplasmonic Hybridisation and Biosensors

2008 Main applicant FTP Project in the area of Nanomaterials for steering stem cell differentiation

2009 Main applicant on EU FP7 3D Nanobiodevices

2009 Main applicant on EU FP7 INGENIOUS

2009 Co-applicant on Nanotoxicology project in collaboration with the Chinese academy of sciences

2009 Co-applicant on the iNanomedicine core facility infrastructure grant

2011 Co-applicant on EU FP7 NANOPINION

2013 Main Applicant FNU Framework grant in Mechanotransduction

2013 Main applicant on EU FP7 DIREKT

2014 Co-applicant Innovation Fund project on Heat Transfer

2014 Post-doc grant Villum Foundation Chiral Plasmonics        

2014 Co-applicant EU DERMAL                                                                   

2014 Main Applicant Villum Block Stipend Chiral plasmonics                          

2015 Main Applicant EU SYMBIOTIC FET OPEN                                 

2015 Main Applicant FNU Project Grant  Proteins in complex media                  

2015 Main Applicant FTP Project Grant  Plasmonic conformational biosensors

2017 Co-PI DG Center of excellence CELLPAT

2020 Main Applicant FTP Project Grant Protein coronas at nanoparticles in Plants

2021 Main Applicant DFF Green Transitions Plasmonic windows for energy management 

2021 Main Applicant NNF Plasmonic Force Sensors

2021 Main Applicant NNF/ODIN Open Science project on advanced cell culture wells for drug validation assays

Managerial Activities:

2003-6 Co-ordinator VINNOVA programme Biomembrane inspired platform for new devices and systems

2004-2005 Member of the Strategic advisory board of the MC2 cleanroom Chalmers

2004-2006 Physics co-ordinator for a postgraduate school in Materials science Chalmers

2014- Head of Nanoscience PhD programme GSST Aarhus University

2020 Interrim Head of GSNS Aarhus University

Key Research Topics:

Artificial nanostructured biointerfaces for use in life science: Development of nanofabrication technology based on self assembly of colloidal particles and macromolecules: Quantification of the interaction of biological systems with nanostructured interfaces, Protein function at nanostructured interfaces, Steering cellular biosystems via nanoscale surface cues for biomaterials/tissue engineering/cell therapy, Ultrasensitive biosensors via nanoparticle plasmonics, Hybridisation in nanoplasmonic systems, Nanotoxicology.

Project Leadership:

2003-2006 Leader for the Biosensing Projects in the Materials Centre on Photoactive Nanoparticles Chalmers. Project successful at midterm receiving a good review. Project continues to 2009

2004-2006 Workpackage Leader. Joint European Curriculum and Central Management Committee for EU FP6 NOE FRONTIERS Chalmers. Project successfully initiated and passed over to successor. Project continues till 2008

2004-2006 Scientific co-ordinator and Workpackage leader EU FP6 STREP NANOCUES. 2 million euro budget produced more than 70 papers over 3 years

2006-2009 Workpackage leader EU FP6 NANOCAP. Recently hosted 5 NGO’s, 5 Trade Unions and 5 Universities in highly successful capacity building conference.

2006-2010 Advanced Danish Technology Fund Workpackage leader and Executive group member

2009-2012 Workpackage leader EU FP7 INGENIOUS in the area of plasmonic chemical sensors

2015-2018 Workpackage leader EU H2020 SYMBIOTIC in the area of Cancer biosensors

Ph.D supervision:

Supervised 24 Ph.D students to completion (19 as main supervisor)

Currently supervising 4 Ph.D students (as main supervisor)

Awarded Ph.D supervisor of the year award at Chalmers 2004

Current research group:

5 PhD's and 2 post-doc,  + 5 masters/bachelor's students  (biointerfaces, nanoplasmonics, nanotoxicology, nanoethics, nanoplasmonics)


Publication record: 

153 published and accepted articles in international peer reviewed journals:  (including 16 Nano Letters, 4 ACS Nano, 3 Adv Mater, 2 Nat commun.)  - Citations/h-index:  >10000/50 (Web of Science)  >14000/56 (Google scholar) 2 Patents and 3 Patent applications

Referee for:

Nano Letters, Nature Nanotechnology, Biomaterials, Analytical Chemistry, Nanotoxicology, Physical Review B, Nanotechnology. Research councils and foundations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK, Poland, ESA, ESF and EUYRI programmes. PhD faculty opponent tasks and internal committee head (22+52)

Invited talks: (since 2002)

35 invited talks at international conferences e.g.

 EMRS Nice May 2011, SSB2012, CMCB2012, MSE2012,IMRC2013, 79thPMM 2015, PCVIII Bangkok 2016, Eurotoxicity Rome 2016, IRB2 Crete 2016, ICFNN 2018, ScSB2018, PIERS 2019, META21, IUVSTA95 

>20 invited talks at Universities, Educational, Ethics and Innovation events.

International collaborative network:

Broad international network with participation in 13 European projects in FP4, 5 , 6, 7 and H2020 programmes.

Joint papers with 14 international groups in the last 5 years.

Science Communication and Nanoethics:

Nanoethics and science communication experience (PI on EU projects NANOCAP, NANOYOU and NANOPINION). Author of a text book on nanoscience for high school children.